Rosie Goes to the Vet

I've been MIA the last few days and you want to know what my excuse is? I had to take Rosie to the vet. I feel like maybe I'm getting a glimpse into what having children would be like. (All you moms out there are probably shaking your heads at me right now. ;) ) I'm not kidding, it gives me a HUGE appreciation for the moms who also, somehow, run a business. You all are rockstars. And now I will stop comparing having a cat to having multiple children and share a couple random tidbits from the weekend:

  • Nathan baked an apple pie. From scratch. With the fancy criss cross top and all. He is officially a better baker/cook than I am.
  • New Girl never gets old. I'm stretching out the season finale as long as I can by watching it multiple times. I'm on number four.
  • Wearing my good flats to trek around in the woods for an engagement session is never a good idea. I think I dumped about five pounds of leaves, sticks, grass and dirt from my shoes at the end of the session.
  • Gnats, while annoying, can really add something to the bokeh of pictures. Tune in to next Thursday's wedding blog post to see what I mean.

Black and White Cat

And here's my usual view of Rosie. She's a lot happier in the window sill than at the vet.