Fab Five Fridays: Photobooth Props

We're starting a photobooth! Have I mentioned that on here yet? No? Well, we're starting a photobooth. That's the official announcement. :) We had so much fun with a live photobooth at our wedding, we thought we would have just as much fun starting one under the Lane Baldwin Photography umbrella. My fantastic clients Drew and Chelsea agreed to be our guinea pigs, so come the end of July, Nathan will be running their live photobooth (live = Nathan manning the camera and the absence of a booth) while I shoot their wedding. So fun!

We're currently collecting all the ridiculous and hilarious props that make photobooths fun, and I thought I'd share some of them on here with hopes that you all will tell me what we're missing. What do you always grab when you head to a photobooth at a wedding? What do you wish was always sitting there for you to grab?

vintage glasses

Old, vintage glasses are a must!


Answering a rotary phone while getting your picture taken makes you a pretty big deal.

play money

Dolla, dolla bill, y'all!


Every photobooth needs mustaches and lips!


And my favorite. Random plastic [insert animal here].

Photo credits: EtsyKarlson Robotics | Etsy | Kurt Boomer Photo | Century Novelty