My Favorite Things: The Ellen Degeneres Show

Every morning, right after I wake up, I make a smoothie and settle down on the couch to check my e-mail and watch The Ellen Degeneres Show. I love this part of my day because the house is quiet (except for Ellen's infectious laugh) and I'm starting the morning with positivity. The Ellen Show for me is kind of like everyone else's Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy—I watch it religiously and never miss an episode. It's kind of embarrassing how much I talk about the show. Almost every day, as soon as Nathan walks in the door, I'm regaling him with something that happened on Ellen. You would think I knew the lady personally. I want to be like Ellen when I grow up and have fun no matter what the heck I'm doing.

If you need a Thursday morning pick me up (or you just want an excuse to laugh), here are two of my all-time favorite Ellen clips. Ahhhh, they never get old! :)

Ellen pranks spa-goers:

Ellen talks to a 6-year-old solar-system expert: