365 Day Photo Challenge: March

Experienced the Chocolate Bar's spiked hot chocolate * Decorated my office * Enjoyed some downtime * Hung out with photographers * Finished editing my first wedding of the season * Went bowling * Sold Nathan's truck * Enjoyed, like, 0.5 days of nice weather * Went for a walk * Had a guilty pleasure night * Played host * Shot a gender reveal * Had lunch with a new friend * Started working on our living room * Got sick * Celebrated the BFF's birthday * Shot Brittany and Ryan's intimate wedding * Had a lady photographer night * Put up with more snow * Traveled to Cincinnati for a wedding * Stayed with college friends and their cute baby in Cincinnati * Reveled that my car made the whole trip * Got sick again * Finished my office! * Traveled to Lexington, Va., for a wedding * Stayed at an amazing B&B in Lexington * Celebrated the end of Easter Sunday with my family 365 Day Photo Challenge