Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing. Sitting in an office all alone day after day, working way more than eight hours. That 8-5 job I had a year ago seems so easy in comparison. At 5 p.m. I closed the door to my office and walked away, forgetting about work for the night. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even relevant. If I can get fulfillment out of taking photos for a long, long while. If what I'm doing is even any good.

And then I'm reminded how great having a flexible schedule is. I'm able to meet my mom for one morning or I can randomly take a short trip during the week without having to ask off. I'm reminded that I'm able to build a life doing something creative and something that I feel passionate about. I'm reminded that I've met some amazing people throughout my photography journey. People I never would have come into contact with otherwise.

I don't know how long I'll be able to make a living with photography. There's no guarantee, just hard work. This video by Zack Arias sums up the exact ebb and flow that I, and evidently lots of photographers and artists, feel at different points in the year. It's comforting and it's inspiring and it keeps me going. Thanks to my friend Kayla for sharing! (Ignore the beginning and skip to 1:34 to get to the good stuff. :) )