Fab Five Fridays: Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

I'm sitting here nursing my first cold of the year (I know you all are probably glaring at the computer right now), and call me crazy, but I really thought I was going to magically skip being sick this season. I don't know if my immune system is strong or it's that I'm isolated in my office every day, but I'm thankful I've been healthy until now. So, we're taking it easy today with a post of five things you never needed to know about me but I'm sharing with you anyway. :)

1. I hate blowing my nose. I don't know what it is but I absolutely dread grabbing a Kleenex from the box when I'm sick.

2. Nathan loves to tell everyone I was prom queen in high school but that's actually not true. He leaves out "band," making it band prom queen. Oh yes, I was in band in high school, we had a formal dance every year and my senior year I was queen of the band prom. Booyah!

3. I grew up in Iowa, and I loved every minute of it. And no, we didn't live in the cornfields, but we DID go to the Iowa State Fair every year.

4. I hate the texture of bananas, but I love the taste. What a conundrum. Normally this means I only eat them in smoothies.

5. I've never dyed my hair. Not once, not ever. I always get my hair cut at the Aveda Institute and they LOVE my "pure hair," as they call it.

Happy weekending everybody! And because every post needs a picture (and because I couldn't find a picture of me as band prom queen), here's a sneak peek of Leah and Matt's gender reveal session that will be on the blog on Monday!

Gender Reveal Session