Of Sloths and Love

I think by now we have established that yours truly is a bit of a nerd. And believe it or not, I'm about to rock your world with an even nerdier story ... Nathan and I started dating just a couple months before Valentine's Day during my sophomore year of college at (the best) Miami University (of Ohio). He was a junior and I was intimidated, but that didn't deter me from sharing my love of sloths with him. You'd think I would play it cool, but that's just not how I rolled. "They're so cute!" "They move soooo slow!" I have no idea what the fascination was. (Kristen Bell gets it.)

Fast forward a couple months to Feb. 14, 2005 ...

I came back to my dorm after class, opened the door and the cutest stuffed sloth (stuffed animal, not like a taxidermied sloth!) was sitting on my desk with a card from Nathan. Not only did he embrace my love of sloths, he searched high and low for that thing. Sylvia, as we later named her, came all the way from England. It was probably about that moment that I knew Nathan was the one for me.

Eight years later, here we are celebrating another Valentine's Day. Nathan still embraces all my weirdness and still makes me feel special in spite of it. And I love him for it. :)

Valentine's Day

One of the very first pictures we took at a formal in 2004. We look like babies!