Baby Gabrielle | Newborn

Cleveland Newborn Photographer This little one is going to be an Ohio State Buckeye when she grows up. Her parents, who both attended and met at Ohio State, remind me so much of Nathan and I, who both attended and met at Miami University. We're both passionate about our schools! I think Karla and Cedric have us beat though. Not only do they have OSU paraphernalia displayed throughout Baby Gabrielle's room, but her middle name, Scarlett, is an homage to the school's famous scarlet and gray. That is impressive, my friends.

Baby Gabrielle is so tiny, and at two weeks old she is already so inquisitive. She fought sleep to stay awake for the session and her eyes followed me and her lovely parents the whole time. She's a smart one! :) Enjoy these photos of Gabrielle Scarlett's first little bit of life.

Cleveland Newborn Photographer

It's a baby fist pump!

Cleveland Newborn Photographer Cleveland Newborn Photographer

That's my absolute favorite up there. So sweet and innocent.

Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0006

Karla and Cedric didn't find out the baby's gender ahead of time. I think they did an awesome job on the nursery. It's so unique and would have been a great fit for a boy or girl!

Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0007 Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0008 Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0009 Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0010 Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0011

Baby yawns are the best. By the end of the session she couldn't stay awake anymore and had to take a little nap. :)

Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0012 Cleveland Newborn Photographer_0013

To see more from Baby Gabrielle's sweet and serene session, click here to view a SLIDESHOW or watch it here: