365 Day Photo Challenge: January

A couple years ago I tried to complete a 365 day photo challenge only to fail halfway through the year. I realllly wanted to try again (per my 101 in 1001), but I decided it would be way more manageable if I used my phone instead of lugging my big camera around every where I went. You never know when creativity will strike! I've been Instagramming my project here, if you want to follow along in real time. :) My January in a nutshell: Rang in the new year in Chicago with some awesome friends * Started working out more regularly again * Started eating healthier again * Had some downtime * Photographed lots of sessions * Painted a room in our house a super bold color * Had lots of coffee dates * Saw Kevin Nealon * Treated clients to Sweetie Fry * Celebrated my little brother's birthday * Had pizza with my BFF * Worked on my office ... and then worked some more * Tortured myself with Insanity * Took a trip to Breckinridge * Attempted to ski * Nursed my sore muscles with a margarita * Took one day off * Ate fondue * Got lots of snow * Hung out with my cute assistant * Got lots more snow * Tried Lopez with friends * Watched The Bachelor (yes, I did) * Got featured in the Plain Dealer