The "Shetzie"

I know what you're thinking. What exactly is a "Shetzie" and why do you look like you let a 3-year-old dress you in that picture down there? Those are perfectly reasonable questions, and I will tell you! (Also, please ignore the fact that I look super tired in these photos. I couldn't get my eyes to open up!)

My work attire is something that I've struggled with since I started working from home a few years ago. I LIKE clothes and getting dressed and feeling put together. But I DON'T like being uncomfortable all day and wasting an outfit when I know I'm not leaving the house. When I started working from home full-time a year or so ago, I would wake up and spend all day working in my pajamas. I was OK with it except that when Nathan got home at 5 p.m. and I was still in the same clothes from that morning, I felt like a huge slob.

So. I started getting back into my college routine. After class at Miami, I would come home and throw on pajama pants but keep my top half all business. I'd keep on my necklace, scarf, whatever, but the jeans HAD to be substituted for comfier pants. One of my roomies and part of FBOFW, Leah, coined it the "Shetzie" after my maiden name (Shetzer!) and the fact that I looked like this ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty sure I didn't make it up but I did make it acceptable ... maybe even popular ... in the FBOFW house.

In my opinion, the pajama pant/sweater combo is just as comfy as all-out pajamas. Plus, I feel more put together, and I can head out to Starbucks or go run errands in a flash; I just need to change into jeans! See? Works in college, works for working at home. Some things are just too good to let go. :)