Creative Juices: Fall Fall by Samantha Ray

Happy Thursday, all! I planned on doing a wedding post today, but Valerie and Alex's wedding had soooo many great details that I have more pictures to edit than normal. It will be up tomorrow instead. :) I'm a little late on my Creative Juices anyways, so I figured why not change it up? This is my idea of living on the wild side. For real. You probably haven't heard of Samantha Ray yet because she's really new. I follow Nancy Ray, who is an amazing photographer in North Carolina, and Samantha Ray is her new sister-in-law ... and that's the only reason I know her music! Her new EP Royalty just came out on iTunes and as soon as I listened to it, I identified with her style. And her voice is so pretty! I have her stuff on repeat while I edit.

Here's a preview of Fall Fall (my favorite song) from her website. After you watch it, head to iTunes to get the entire thing!