Nathan's Birthday-Palooza!

Happy birthday to my hubby! Nathan probably wouldn't like me telling the Internet how old he turns today, but I still wanted to wish him a big, public HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (No age included.) Because we've both been SO busy the last two months, we haven't spent much, if any, quality time together. Ridiculous and something that needs to be amended. Enter birthday-palooza! We will be celebrating Nathan's birthday the whole week to make up for lost time, so please forgive me if I'm a little slow responding to e-mails. Both of us finished up huge responsibilities yesterday (Big engineering thing for him and my second to last wedding of 2012! But the next one's not until the middle of December so it's kind of like a break for me. :) ) and we're celebrating with sleep, brunch, a couples massage, cake, presents, and a whole lot of sitting around. We are so excited!

I love you, Nathan!

Enjoy some outtakes from our self-timer Christmas card pictures. This is what Nathan does when I'm testing my light. And then I keep clicking because it's so funny ...