My Favorite Things: September 2012

My Favorite Things1. Panera breakfast sandwiches. I didn't have time to eat breakfast before last week's wedding, so I picked up something I thought would get me through most of the day. So good! Why haven't I tried these before?? The bacon, egg and cheese was delish, and it totally held me until dinner. 2. Hello perfume by Harvey Prince. I'm not a huge perfume girl. I mean, I wear it, but I don't have a "signature scent." Then I got Hello in a recent Birchbox. I think I'm sold! It's citrus-y, but in a grown-up way. So much easier than going to the perfume counters at the mall to find a new favorite and walking away with a headache.

3. My car, Nancy. She might not start on the first try and her stereo might be dead, but Nancy got me all the way to Oxford and back this week. All 177,000 miles of her.

4. McDonald's hot fudge sundae. Evidently I'm on an eating out kick. There's not much to say about this one except that it's the best $1.30 I can spend! :)

5. My office color scheme + this print. My office colors were set and then I found chairs that I LOVED. The only problem? They didn't fit the scheme. But I loved them so much, I decided to throw caution to the wind and get them! I know, I live dangerously. I had to tweak the colors a little, and after I had decided on the accents, I found this Be Yourself print in every one of the colors I had picked. The green will be more mint, but it's pretty close. And I'm totally getting the print.