101 in 1001: #75 Create an Emergency Savings Account.

I feel this strange need to blog about each and every one of my 101 things. And, guess what? Some of them aren't very exciting, like creating an emergency savings account. Who wants to talk about that? Apparently me! Nathan and I have always been pretty frugal, but when we got married and bought a house, our savings went down the drain. It was slightly depressing to watch everything we had saved for YEARS disappear.

Enter Dave Ramsey. We knew starting an emergency savings account was smart, especially with an old house, but when we heard about Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps, we kicked it into gear. I know we hear it every day, but planning for our future is something we can and should control.

Having said that, it's HARD to save. There's always something else we want to buy, something else we need for the house. If it wasn't for our budget holding us accountable, I'm pretty sure we could go through each month without transferring money over to the savings account. Nathan and I have to set a target savings amount each month and stick.to.it. And even at that, it seems like the thing never grows!

How about you? What are your savings tips?