101 in 1001: #80 Play Mini Golf.

I grew up playing mini golf. When I think summer, I think dusky, muggy nights with a club in one hand and a scorecard in the other. As a kid I lived for those nights ... so much so that I had my 13th birthday party at a mini golf course. I'll have to share a photo from that party one day. I sported a farmer's tan and giant Dr. Martens sandals. Oh yeah! As I've gotten older, mini golf has generally been reserved for vacations, so when Nathan and I headed to Hilton Head recently for my cousin's wedding, I had one goal outside of watching my cousin and cousin-in-law (how does that work??) walk down the aisle. Does that officially make me dorky? Probably, but I'm OK with it. :)

I'm pretty sure the last time we played mini golf was three years ago when we visited that same cousin in Hilton Head. How did I let THREE years go by? See why it was on my 101 list?

This is what happened last time we played, and guess who won?!

Yeah, NATHAN won. Even after hitting his ball in the water multiple times. Have I mentioned that I'm slightly competitive when it comes to mini golf? I so wanted to win this time around.

Good form ...

... but then I got a hole in one! (I hope I'm not this annoying in real life.)

And the scorecard doesn't lie! I even got a free pass to play at the course again. Maybe in, say, three years??