My Favorite Things: June 2012

Lane Baldwin Photography Favorite Things 1. My new office light. Can you believe that Nathan made this mason jar chandelier?? Maybe you can if you saw all the amazing stuff he did in our master bedroom. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of mason jars, so this light—the first big thing we’ve done in my office—fits my style perfectly. Click here to learn how he made it.

2. Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu. In 1996, my friends and I used to “play Olympics.” We were all obsessed with the Magnificent Seven, and I loved Dominique Moceanu most of all. So I was excited when I saw that Dominique published a new book. I’m only a couple chapters in and already I’m transported back to my childhood.

3. Birthday cupcakes. Nathan made me (side note: Do I say “Nathan made me … ” way too much? Maybe that's a hint I need to do some more around the house) ice cream cone cupcakes for my birthday. Cupcakes? Good. Ice cream cones? Good. Sprinkles? Good. What’s not to like here?

4. Zero-gravity lounger. This chair? It’s so comfy. I’ve only ever had those cheap plastic lounge chairs and this thing is waaaay better. I think I may go take a nap …

5. Anthro birthday coupon. Do I post about Anthropologie every, single favorite things? I think so. That’s OK because I love it. And that’s why I was stoked when a birthday discount showed up in the mail. I have a hard time paying full price for a lot of stuff in that store, so this was a good excuse to peruse and not feel quite so guilty picking up a thing or two.