Cuyahoga Valley National Park Portraits: Sharon and Rob

We sat at dinner and contemplated dessert. If I haven't mentioned it before, Nathan has a reallllly big sweet tooth ... and I'm not too far behind him! Generally, we always want dessert. And as soon as we mentioned it, Sharon and Rob were in. But instead of ordering dessert at the restaurant we were at, we ventured across the way to a different, more-delicious-dessert restaurant. Most people would think Nathan and I are crazy for our very particular and slightly snobby dessert taste, but not Sharon and Rob. They get us. And it's why they're two of our closest friends.

These two agreed to let Nathan and me shoot them for a little pre-wedding-season practice (yes, Nathan will be shooting with me at a couple wedding this year!). Sharon and I have been friends since we were 12, and Rob is a fabulous addition to the group. He makes Sharon laugh, and she makes him oh! so happy! They get each other.

Cleveland Portrait PhotographerMy favorite! Couples who are planning nature-y engagement sessions: Take note! Cuyahoga Valley National Park has so many hidden places to shoot. I love it!

Cleveland Portrait Photographer Cleveland Portrait PhotographerIt was quite windy, but I still love the picture on the left. This is Sharon and Rob. Plain and simple.

Cleveland Portrait Photographer Cleveland Portrait Photographer Cleveland Portrait Photographer Cleveland Portrait Photographer

You two are awesome! Thank you.