101 in 1001: #91 Learn How to Work Our Grill

OK, first, let me just preface this post by saying yeah, it's kinda weird that I'm writing about learning to work our grill. BUT, when I started my 101 list, I vowed to blog about each thing as a way to sort of "scrapbook my life" online. So, here it is. Boring or not. :) It has been absolutely beautiful here in Cleveland. Nathan and I decided to break out the grill on Sunday for the first time this year, and I insisted begged to cook our food myself. Usually Nathan's the grill master but he reluctantly handed over the tongs for the sake of my 101 list. Now I officially know how to stack the charcoal, open the flue and close the lid to grill the perfect chicken. Not that my chicken wasn't perfect. It was slightly chewy and overcooked ... but Nathan was nice and ate it anyways without saying a word until I mentioned it. Next time I'll get it!

101 in 1001 list

(Please disregard the random letter B in the yard. Another bedroom project!)