My Favorite Things: February 2012

Cleveland Wedding Photographer 1. Insanity (the workout). Nathan and I decided to forgo a gym membership for awhile and just do Insanity each night at home. Have you done this workout?? It's intense. And intense is not a strong enough word to describe it. Jumping, twisting ... SO fast for so long. Almost every night we end up laying on the floor screaming, "I can't do anymore!" I love it, and I hate it. I love to hate it.

2. Swiss Miss French Vanilla Hot Chocolate. I recently discovered that this flavor of hot chocolate exists, and I am now addicted. It's so rich and creamy, especially if you use milk instead of water like they suggest. The perfect prime-time-TV-watching drink!

3. New Girl. At the beginning of the season, Nathan and I tried this show a couple times and decided it was too weird for us. Somehow, we watched another episode later on and afterwards looked at each other in amazement wondering how we'd let this gem pass us by. It's SO hilarious and totally different than any other show we watch. Zoey Deschanel's character is so dorky, and I love it. The only problem: It's not an hour long!

4. Insulation. After we bought our house, we went around with Nathan's work's infrared camera and realized our house had next to no insulation. It was quite drafty. It hurt my energy-engineer husband's soul to think of living in an extremely non-energy efficient house, so we decided to have the house insulated. Our house may look like swiss cheese (when you get an old house spray foam insulated, they have to poke through the siding) at the moment, but it's really warm!