My Favorite Things: January 2012

Clockwise from top left:

1) Everything Bagels. When I was working in Oxford a couple weeks ago, my co-workers and I made a Starbucks run. One of them got an everything bagel and it. smelled. delicious! That was all it took for me to re-realize my love of the garlicy snack. The next day I had one for breakfast and one for lunch. And I've had at least one a day since then. Obviously I'm not worried about being healthy in the new year! Now that I'm a connoisseur of everything bagels, I say the best one is at Bruegger's ... with veggie cream cheese!

2) My Quirky, New ModCloth Flats. For awhile now I've loved ModCloth for its whimsical sundresses, but since I had a gift card and sundresses aren't really practical in the snow, I decided to check out the shoes. My new flats are just about as practical as sundresses this time of year, but I couldn't resist! I love that ModCloth carries Anthopologie-like products for a fraction of the cost.

3) The Sun! I don't care if it's so bright outside that I can barely see the road while driving, I love this sunshine! Someone told Nathan that on average Cleveland only gets nine sunny winter days a year. Maybe that's true some years, but I have a hard time believing it; we're about at nine already and it's only the middle of January! Please, God, keep it coming!

4) Bamboo Dry-Erase Desktop To-Do Board. My sweet cousin Cheryl gave me this handy to-do board for Christmas. Does she know me or what? It's like a mini dry-erase board that's now chained to my desk.