My Logo by SaraINKS

I think in another life I could have been a graphic designer. I love the creativity and art that goes into magazine, web, and logo design. But alas, I have way too many interests and that one's going to have to go on the back burner. When I needed a logo designed for Lane Baldwin Photography I had absolutely no idea where to start, but I knew someone who did: Sara of SaraINKS. This girl is insanely talented. She studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Yeah. She's totally gonna be famous one day. (And little known fact: I coached Sara in gymnastics way back when. :))

Check out Sara's portfolio at

I basically gave Sara five words that I think (or want to) describe my photography. From that she made this:

It's perfect. When people look at my logo, I want them to see that my style is DIY/handmade/vintage and I think the logo depicts that 100%. Hopefully you think so, too! :)

Sara's first love is obviously fashion, but she is interested in taking on other graphic design projects. Here's another plug for this talented girl: She designed our wedding invitations and programs.

Photo credit goes to Amanda Donaho Photography

"My favorite projects to work on are hardly ever assignments," Sara said. "I like to sit down with a pen and paper when an idea comes to mind after seeing something inspirational, like a movie or editorial spread. If I try and force out a project, it doesn't feel the same."