Home at Last

Pssst ... Hey, guess what?

That key up there ...

... goes to this house here. And the key is on MY key chain! Nathan and I officially own a darling 1940s colonial. I love it. And, I can't stop smiling. :D

Once we got our keys we had our first dinner in the house, complete with champagne. Being the super fancy people we are, we chose to eat Wendy's and drink a $7 bottle of champagne. Hey, we have a mortgage now!

But seriously, we're both so, so thankful that we are able to call this house ours. Although we saved and saved and saved for our "one-day house," now that it's here we can hardly believe the key is in our hand. As we sat on the floor and made our way through salty fries and sweet champagne, we talked about plans for the house—what would go where, the best paint color for in there—and my heart was so full. Sometimes there are no words to describe how incredibly thankful I am  for the life I live every day; it just feels right. And I know what an unbelievable blessing that is.

I'm so excited to share our house with you, faithful readers. Stay tuned for before-and-after pictures as we slowly make this place cute and cozy!