101 in 1001: #27 Eat at Melt.

When we left Melt after dinner a week ago, we all agreed that we should be rolled home. Why? Oh, because we COULDN'T MOVE after eating a pile of fries and the following: Nathan: A FRIED ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich with mixed berry preserves Nathan's sister, Brandi: A lasagna grilled cheese sandwich (like the lasagna ON the sandwich) Nathan's mom, Leesa: A grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato Me: A barbeque chicken grilled cheese sandwich with grilled onions

Sensing a trend? Yep, Melt serves tons of varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches. You might have to wait an hour any time you go, but these sandwiches will be the most unique, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches you've ever eaten. Plus, if you get a Melt tattoo, you get 25% off for life. And people do it! Because it's that good!

For all you foodies, you should know Melt. It's been featured on Man vs. Food (13 different cheeses, five pounds of food ... enough said?) and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's a Cleveland icon, and I had to go, even if it meant being rolled home.

Brandi had to take pictures at the restaurant because I was TOO! EXCITED!

There's that infamous lasagna sandwich.

And my sandwich the next day in some better light. Deliciousness in a recyclable to-go container. :)