Hello, Cleveland!

Nathan started looking for jobs in March and was determined to find exactly what he wanted. After getting his master's in clean and renewable energy engineering, he wanted to work on reducing buildings' energy consumption. Easy, right? NOT! Not in this economy. He looked and looked and looked. Got some interviews, but was told he needed experience in the field. Having been in the Air Force the last four years, he had experience in mechanical engineering, but not in what everyone wanted.

This is probably a good time to mention that he was looking EVERYWHERE. We were not going to be picky about where we moved from Cincinnati. He interviewed with companies in Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin and Iowa, and he got some jobs offers, but nothing fit exactly.

I seriously don't know how people who are looking for jobs for months do it. I would get so frustrated! Nathan, however, was awesome and kept going until he found that perfect job, which some people probably thought was unrealistic.

In August, weeks before our wedding, he got THE job offer. He'd be reducing buildings' energy consumption while working at an established engineering and architecture firm. Score! And the craziest part? The job was in CLEVELAND! Cleveland! We wouldn't even be leaving the state! We thought that was hilarious after all the places he interviewed.

So, here we are. We're closer to my family and some friends, living in a great little neighborhood and getting to know the area. AND Lane Baldwin Photography is officially open for business in Northeast Ohio. If you or anyone you know needs/wants pictures, please send me a message! :)

It's been kinda gray here. But the skyline is still pretty. :)