Yellow Springs Wedding: Sarah & Graham

Oh man, I loved this wedding. For lots of different reasons:

  1. Sarah and Graham are really cool people. :) Nathan and Graham are friends from grad school. They both got (or Graham's almost got!) a masters in renewable and clean energy engineering, and they're both in the Air Force. So, naturally I like Graham and Sarah, too!
  2. Their wedding was SO perfectly them. It was held at the Glen House Bed and Breakfast in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which is located on a nature preserve and filled with art and really cool details and architecture. The whole day was tied together so well ... you'll see.
  3. Both of their families were so welcoming and checked on me throughout the day.
  4. I had tons of time for portraits and detail shots, and ...
  5. Oh yeah! I got to shoot this wedding BY MYSELF! Ahhhh! I was so excited that Graham and Sarah asked me to be a part of their day, and being the photographer for their wedding helped me realize just how much I love photography. Wedding photography is STRESSFUL because you have to capture everything. Period. You can't mess up because it only happens once! But, thankfully, all went smoothly and I actually enjoyed the hectic pace.

So, because of all that, I couldn't pare down my photo selection. I love photography, and really, photojournalism, because it's a lot like writing. You're telling a story with your images, and it's jackpot when you get those perfect shots that fill in the gaps between the main story. Enjoy Sarah and Graham's story!

Sarah and Graham, thank you again for letting me share in your special day. It means more to me than you will know! I hope you have a really relaxing time in Cancun. You both deserve it!

Vendors: Ceremony and reception—Glen House Flowers—Glen Garden Gifts Cakes—Current Cuisine Dress—David's Bridal